We use technology to unearth the best message for your customers

We Work Hard


Combined turnover of the web sites we help grow

We are the customers advocate

We personalise every message

Wide segmentation is so yesterday


Who We Are Email marketing experts

We are ALTAIRE, born in 1999 into the early digital age and lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with some of the web's most prized assets.

We Transform Brands

Our B2C experience is unparalleled: speaking monthly to most of the UK adult population and increasingly beyond via email and related channels.

We Build Great Relationships

Everything we do is linked to a step forward in the customer lifecycle. We join the dots you're too busy to see and the results are inspired.

We're Passionate

Our clients are leaders in their field and our team becomes your team, with the focus squarely on your customer.

A different approach to Account Management

Targeted not on how much we can sell you, but how you rate our effort in helping you. This is unique to Altaire and we are sure you will love it.

A little More About Us

Our Culture

We work in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment driven by the daily performance of our customers. Whilst we do set schedules we realise your priorities can change from hour to hour which is why all our customers enjoy the ability to change our priorities instantly if required.

We have only one rule at Altaire: at least 10% of every employee's time must be spent on something new, which they feel will help either our business, or our clients' business. You can work on anything you like, but afterwards you must tell every other employee what you have done. This simple rule is one of the reasons we are in the enviable position we are.

26800 Number of bespoke emails created
200000000 Number of dynamic offers per month
550000000 Data points collected per month
1000 Content requests per second

Our TOOLKIT We communicate with your customers when they are faced with a purchasing decision

Customer Email Lifecycle

You probably don't have in place the kind of eCRM journey we take for granted; that's fine because we spend our days making sure we're ahead.

Responsive Email Build

Sainsbury's were the first major retailer to adopt responsive email in the UK (2010). The latest technology they have is awe-inspiring. We did that.

Email Design

If you're missing a complete, modern tech stack your creatives are limited by the tools they need to amplify creative appeal.

Web Apps

Many problems can be overcome by smart software engineers. Want to automatically insert a voucher when your platform doesn't support it? Track your competitors......

Enhanced Emails

We firmly believe we build the world's most advanced emails. Have a look here and decide for yourself.

Stay ahead

All Altaire clients prize our ability to constantly think ahead, prototype and test new ideas for the next hot thing and share via regular show and tell sessions.

LET's TALK There's nothing quite like seeing what we do for yourself. Get in touch, let's see if we're a good fit: