Our Ongoing Values

Our Values Inspire And Drive Our Every Move

Our values are a reflection of our inner selves, shaped by our unique experiences, beliefs, aspirations, and cannot be simply adopted from others or chosen arbitrarily.

We Have A Passion For Technology!

Our team is next-level. And we're proud of it.

Our dynamic team blends tech-savvy developers, imaginative artists, analytical minds, and visionary product managers. Driven to innovate, we bring excitement to every project

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Our Focus

Flexible, focused and innovative: we’re focused on achieving your project vision and business goals

Our story

Our story is over 20 years long, fueled from day one in technology and transforming industries we enter.


Company Founded

3 friends quit their jobs to build ecommerce sites well before most thought they would catch on.



Began offering web hosting services to resellers.


Asset Sale

500,000+ sites hosted, sold to focus on emerging email marketing industry.


Asset Sale

Became the UK's largest privately owned email marketing agency.


Let's go again

Exited to client to focus on emerging technology.


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