The game plan

Assuming you're looking to launch a B2C product and you've been through idea generation, concept development, and business analysis. Don't worry if not, we can help here too.


Concept Development And Testing

Take your selected ideas and flesh them out into more detailed concepts, outlining the features, benefits, and target market. Then, test these concepts with a group of targeted customers for feedback.


Prototype Development

This step involves turning your product concept into a working model. The prototype will serve as a tangible representation of your product that allows you to examine its design and function before moving to full-scale production.


User Testing and Feedback

Once your prototype is ready, it's time to test it with a group of users. Be sure to take all feedback into account and iterate on your design as necessary. It's highly unlikely you'll launch a product with perfect market fit on attempt one.


Final Product Design and Development

With feedback from user testing, you can now finalise your product design. Refining details, ensuring the product meets all technical specifications & quality standards, and preparing it for scaling.


Production and Quality Control

This involves sourcing resources such as cloud services and compliance audits. A strong quality control system is essential here and you'll want to be planning user onboarding.


Product Launch and Marketing

Develop a comprehensive launch strategy that includes PR, social media, email marketing, and potentially events. Ensure that everyone - from sales to customer service - are ready for the launch.

We develop experiences for the following platforms

Embracing development on most popular platforms and reaching the attention of users with a wide variety of preferences can be a powerful strategy. Be where your users are.

Database driven browser based experiences using modern, well tested frameworks means you're not tied to us for future development.

For a B2B SAAS product, many of your users will prefer mobile apps to that carefully crafted desktop experience you worked so hard on. For native mobile apps our builds support any Apple/Android device.

'Alexa, play Radio 4'. Be where your customers are. Millions of homes have smart devices and we can link back-end services/databases to voice controlled assistants everywhere, further increasing your reach and user base.

Whilst VR isn't yet mainstream, it's great at allowing emersive experiences. Another neat use we've found for businesses is using it to 'show', rather than 'tell' future strategy ideas. This works great for gaining senior manager buy-in. It's also still very effective for experiential events.

Cloud managed Internet of Things devices are growing in use exponentially as is AI on chip inside those devices. We can develop end to end services including ultra low power wide area network infrastructure to enable fast roll-out of your service.


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